This is our value level of warranty cover, providing protection for the main components that contribute to the engine, transmission and drive-train of your Vauxhall.


Parts and Labour costs

Parts and labour costs included

Claims Limit

No limit to the number or value of claims up to the purchase price paid for your vehicle


Available for Vauxhalls under 8 years of age and 100,000 miles

Payment plans

Choice of annual or monthly pay-as-you-go cover (depending on the type of warranty).

Choice of excess

Choice of claim excess levels - £0, £100 or £200

Payment Options

Vauxhall Extended Warranty can be purchased annually or on a pay-as-you-go monthly basis (depending on the type of warranty).

Please note: You will need to know your vehicle registration and mileage to get a quote. If you have received an invitation to purchase warranty online, you will also need the login and PIN provided.

If you’d prefer to speak to one of our advisors, please call us on 0345 600 2065 (option 1). Lines are open Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm or Saturday between 9am and 1pm. Our expert team will be happy to help you extend your cover today!

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What is covered.


All internally lubricated components, including but not limited to the following: Cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, valves (excluding decarbonisation, burnt or pitted valves and valve seats), valve springs, valve guides, camshaft and bearings, camshaft followers, hydraulic lifters, timing gears, timing chains, piston and piston rings, cylinder liners and liner seals, cylinder block, connecting rods and small end bearings, gudgeon pins, crankshaft and crankshaft bearings, oil pump and oil pump drive, distributor driveshaft, flywheel, starter motor ring gear, engine management sensors.



Timing belts and tensioners are covered providing that the last due change has taken place as specified by the manufacturer’s schedule (proof required). Damage subsequently caused if timing belt has not been changed as specified by the manufacturer is specifically excluded.



Factory-fitted turbocharger or supercharger, intercooler and wastegate.



All internal parts, gear selection linkages and ECUs; automatic selection switchgear; reverse light switch excluding worn parts.



All internally lubricated components, including: Crown wheel and pinion, differential gears and bearings, 4X4 transfer box, halfshaft, halfshaft bearings, driveshafts, bearings and constant velocity joints, propeller shaft universal joints and centre bearing, wheel bearings, final drive sensors, excluding rubber boots and gaiters.



Casings are covered only when damaged by the failure of an insured component.



Working materials such as oils, filters, antifreeze are claimable as a direct result of a valid claim providing the vehicle is not within 1,000 miles of its next scheduled service.



The rectification of oil leaks is not covered and the cost of seals and gaskets will only be accepted where they are required as a direct consequence of a valid claim under the insurance.

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Vauxhall Extended Warranty is underwritten by AWP P&C SA and administered in the UK by AWP Assistance UK Ltd, Registered in England No. 1710361. Registered Office PO Box 74005, 60 Gracechurch Street, London EC3P 3DS.

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