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An extended warranty for your Vauxhall offers you similar cover for material or manufacturing defects beyond the original warranty period on the car. By choosing the official Vauxhall Extended Warranty, we guarantee any repairs are done by Vauxhall expert technicians, using genuine Vauxhall parts.

Whether your original warranty expires soon or you’re looking to add cover to your Vauxhall, we can help you today.

Why consider a Vauxhall Extended Warranty?

By taking out an extended warranty, you extend the manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring your car is covered for many material or manufacturing defects, saving you an upfront cost if any covered parts were to fail.

It helps give you peace of mind that the cost and repair is taken care of for covered items and that it’ll be repaired to Vauxhall’s standards.
Purchase your Vauxhall Extended Warranty now.

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Types of Cover


Our highest level of warranty protection, covering sudden mechanical or electrical failure of the majority of factory-fitted components of your Vauxhall.

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This helps protect your Vauxhall against mechanical and electrical failure for a wide range of specified components.

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This is our value level of warranty cover, providing protection for the main components that contribute to the engine, transmission and drive-train of your Vauxhall.

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Help protect your Vauxhall against the cost of replacement parts and repairs with Vauxhall Extended Warranty.

- Covers mechanical and electrical faults caused by a component failure
- Repairs will be carried out by fully-trained technicians using only genuine Vauxhall parts
- No up-front payment for the cost of repairs, we will sort this out directly with  the Vauxhall repairer for you
- It's transferrable to a new private owner, should you sell your Vauxhall
- Terms and conditions apply.

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All internally lubricated components, including but not limited to the following: Cylinder head, cylinder head gasket, valves (excluding decarbonisation, burnt or pitted valves and valve seats), valve springs, valve guides, camshaft and bearings, camshaft followers, hydraulic lifters, timing gears, timing chains, piston and piston rings, cylinder liners and liner seals, cylinder block, connecting rods and small end bearings, gudgeon pins, crankshaft and crankshaft bearings, oil pump and oil pump drive, distributor driveshaft, flywheel, starter motor ring gear, engine management sensors.

Covered in the following Warranty:

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